What The Keto Diet Can Do For You

Keto is one of those things that just about everyone has heard of to a certain extent because of how it’s trending on the internet but at the same time, we all know only a little bit about it so there are some misconceptions regarding whether or not it’s safe or even effective. Forcing your body into ketosis by consuming little to no carbs and switching to a fat heavy diet with moderate protein intake isn’t harmful for the body as long as you adhere to the diet properly.

Think about it this way; by starving your body of carbs and going into ketosis, you’re depriving yourself of your energy source. As long as you’re eating the right quantity of fats and proteins while cutting back on the carbs, you’re fueling your body while it’s in the ketosis state. It’s a delicate balance, which is why experts like Robin Hamilton from Wellness Wires will always recommend that no one tries this diet unless they’re ready to commit to it.

If done right, ketosis will cause your body to deplete its stored fat and protein for the sugar it’s no longer getting from the carbs and you will start losing your weight wonderfully. The food you’ll be eating on the keto diet is high in protein so you won’t be starving all day like you would be on any other diet. However, once you’ve got your body accustomed to being in ketosis, you’re going to have a hard time switching back to a diet that has carbs in it.

On the bright side though, there are many side benefits of the diet, for example, your acne from eating processed and refined carbs might reduce drastically.