Should Have Just Said

Some people fine the food served on airlines to be a risky gamble. While some may eat away without any worry, others could find themselves running to the bathroom to vomit from food poisoning. Even if it doesn’t give you food poisoning, the food itself leaves a lot to be desired as it could just be downright awful to try to eat. If you thought you were on a diet before, after eating the food on some airlines, you might as well consider that diet cheated on. There are so many things left to be desired with airplane food and it doesn’t help when you have a bunch of connecting long flights altogether.

Even if you were to try to complain, many airlines justify themselves that food needs to be, for instance, a lot saltier in order for there to be any real taste at such high altitudes. That doesn’t really help us with our food palettes and all that’s left is to see if you can somehow get your own food on board with you. Having supplements like pruvit keto os while traveling can be a boon for your travel and make those long trips a lot easier to deal with.

Some airline companies would inquire about foods you need to avoid so that they don’t serve you anything that you might be allergic to. That is a huge health risk for any company to take in at any given time so it’s one of the few things that they get right. Other airlines just give you a choice between several dishes and make you pick one out of them. That isn’t very good customer service at all and if you find yourself in that situation you’re perfectly merited to register a complaint to the right people.