Not Attracting Enough Clients? What You Might Be Doing Wrong

As a coach, you have to have the skills to make clients want to sign up for your sessions or classes, and if you are unable to do that, then there is clearly a problem going on. The introductory session is what basically determines whether or not a client will sign up for you, and if you feel like you are not getting enough clients or the number of people that should be signing up for your classes has been decreasing, then you might be making a few common mistakes. We will go into further detail about these mistakes below, but if you are looking to improve yourself, you can make use of different online coaching session that you can learn from. You can simply go here to learn more about it yourself.

  • A common mistake that some coaches make is that they fail to prepare themselves properly during the introductory session. This is the most crucial session, and if you present yourself as tawdry, unprepared or asocial, then people will understandably not want to sign up for your sessions.
  • Reading off of a paper, stuttering, failing to engage with the audience verbally or non-verbally are all common mistakes as well. You have to be relaxed, engaged and charming when presenting yourself to your audience.
  • You cannot let the introductory session be completely vague. Yes, you have to leave crucial information for the actual classes and sessions, however, being too vague will not leave a positive impression either.
  • Similarly, giving away too much information in the introductory session is also a problem because the clients will then feel that they already know the gist of all the sessions, so there is no point in signing up for them. Hence, striking a balance when giving information during the introductory session is important.