How Reiki Sessions Work

Reiki is a Japanese folk practice that has a rich history and is considered to be great for healing all sorts of ailments ranging from relief from actual physical ailments like bodily pains, discomfort and so on, psychological issues like anxiety and insomnia, and so on. You do not necessarily need to have a condition to get a reiki treatment done either. Anyone can take advantage of what reiki has to offer and can just be a great way to relax, allow your body to relax and fully immerse yourself in the moment.

A reiki treatment is only to be done by someone who actually has had formal training and experience with reiki sessions, however, people who have already been trained in reiki before can administer reiki on themselves. If you happen to be looking for a specialist, you can opt for reiki with Molly Coeling, an experienced reiki master to carry out the session for you.

There is no fixed time allotted to reiki sessions, so that is something for your reiki master to decide. Before starting the session, they might ask you your problem and if you have any health concerns they should keep in mind.

A reiki session usually takes place in quiet areas without any disturbances to allow you to focus, and it involves you having to lie or sit down fully clothed and the reiki master to touch your body as a means of transferring their own energy and activating yours in the process. So, if you happen to have any areas of your body that cannot be touched, you should inform the reiki master beforehand.

Reiki involves non-invasive and light touching on areas around the torso, back and the head. The touch is always supposed to be light, appropriate and non-intrusive. The experience of how a session feels like is subjective, so some people might experience pulsating sensations or a certain energy and so on.